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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

Experian is only interested in how they can manipulate the environment, I don't remember for sure but didn't they make FICO scores unavailable "due to demands of customers".  Oh, but they consider the credit grantors their customers, not the consumers whose data they resell.  Also, it annoys the credit bureaus when they have to process requests to correct their bad data, those come more frequently with daily pulls.


I haven't called yet but will have to think long and hard about keeping any service providing only FAKO scores without daily pulls.  I might pay the extra $10 a month for daily pulls but I have the Navy Federal deal for FICO Scorewatch which tells me when balances change and keeps my EQ score up to date.  Fortunately I'm in a gardening phase where I'm almost to my goal and should be able to get by with EQ alerts and purchasing an EQ report quarterly.


Good luck to everyone still working on their credit.

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