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Re: Important AT&T credit check

pat0812 wrote:

HelloHello, I started to build credit 4 months ago

I started with a secured card and I'm always under 10% utilization and 

Pay all my bills on time. My report is clean

I recently got approved for capital one unsecured card and Walmart 


Anyway people tell me I will probably start around a 680 fico score 


I wanted to know what are my chances to get approved with AT&T for opening an account without a deposit?

With walmart you get a free TU08 FICO score. Once you receive your card opt for paperless statements and you'll receive a free score once a month. This score is real and will give you a little info on where you stand. I'm not sure who AT&T pulls, but if all of your reports show the same information your scores should be similar.