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Thank You Robert for your input.

There is no DOFD on my CR. I quit paying in Sept. of 2001. Child Support enforcement put it on my CR as a collection in Dec 2010.

Now one of my CR says put in collection April 2012, which is not so.

Experian has on my report that it will continue until 2017. That is the 7 years from the orginal collection date' not from DOFD.

I dont know what to do about this. Its paid completely. I wrote them, but they wont delete. Is there anything I can do now?

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I thought about you all morning, Rusty.  I was trying to figure out what I would do if I were in your situation.


I suspect that if you try to dspute with the CRA's over an inaccurate DOFD, it is unlikely to get yu anywhere. They aren't doing anything illegal by reporting the way they are.  The CRA's are legally obligated to report information as given to them by the child support enforcement people, and as you may have read here they are not really in the business of investigating disputes all that thoroughly. If you choose to dispute with the CRA's, you should know that it's a one-shot deal, and if the CS agency verifies you've got no second chance at disputing this.

Your beef is with the CS people. Now, they are required to give accurate information - but in their eyes, you were behind all the way up through April 2012. Certainly you could try to argue that the actual DOFD is 2001, and if you get a sympathetic ear at the CS agency, you might have a shot at getting it corrected.  But if the only way to get it corrected is to sue and get in front of a judge? You're looking at considerable time and energy expense. There may not be a quick fix.

I guess the question now is what is this worth to you in terms of effort? If your credit is otherwise stellar, then maybe it might be worthwhile to push a little harder in getting this off. But if you have other rebuilding projects you're working on, and you're not planning on any major home/car loans in the next couple of years? I'd be less concerned with it.  I would encourage you to consider the impact of this one tradeline as part of an overall picture, and to make decisions based on that.