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As I understand it, their is a judgment dating from 2001 that is still effect, but not reporting, and the issue is one of a debt collector now attempting to collect?


I am unsure as to how the mother "closed it out in 2001."  What was closed?  She would not close out a judgment.  Then, what was "re-opened in 2010?"


Who is the creditor upon whose behalf the debt collector is attempting collection?  The mother?

The debt collector, when reporting, must provide the date of first delinquency to the CRA within 90 days after reporting.  If the creditor is the mother, then the DOFD would be the date of your first delinquency in whatever payment agreement was in effect.  Was their such an agreement?  If the DOFD reported by the debt collector was more than 7 years plus 180 days ago, the CRA will exclude it from your credit report.  Perhaps their lack of current reporting is due to the fact that the exclusion period has already passed, and their threat to have it included is thus without merit.


I am having trouble determining who and when a first missed payment was due to, and what set the terms of the agreement that was delinquent....