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Ok let me try to be more clear. In Arkansas, a custodian parent( in my case the mother) can ask that child support enforcement

stop any action against non- custodian. Even court ordered she can do this. What I have learned since is that, cs enforcement will not

bother you, but the support still keeps accuring. So she stopped child support enforcement from inforcing the order, but (and I didnt know this),

the order is still in effect.


Right. Because the only thing that changes a court order is another court order.  It happens in a lot of states, just not Arkansas.



So she stopped it in 2001. In 2010 she re-started the child support thru the child support enforcement. So they went back to when

I quit paying and added it all up and said they were putting into collection on my credit report until paid in full. So in 2010 child support enforcement

put it on my credit report as a collection. I paid it off May 2, 2012.


So you have no arrears currently at all?



A credit report from experian in 2010, said went into collection Dec 2010.

I pulled another report from experian last week, it says went into collection April 2012. Thats like re-ageing this, isnt it?

Also when would it drop from CR? And why would status say open, when I am paid in full on all arrears and up to date on everything.

This never went to an out side collector, it stayed thru child support enforcement the whole time.

I'm thinking one of two things is happening; either the child support enforcement people still think you owe money....or there's some kind of reporting error. In either case,  your first step would be to call child support enforcement and ask what their take on the matter is. It's going to be almost impossible to answer your re-aging question, as the credit report won't say if this is debt that somehow didn't get paid off in 2010 or if it's a different debt.


ETA: there's been a number of posters on the family law boards who have tradelines that show as "open" after a child support delinquency. Their take is that administratively it's easier to keep the tradeline listed as "open" in case a payor goes delinquent again. I have no idea if that's true or not, but it would be worth a call to the CS enforcement agency to ask. You might even be able to get a feel for whether they'd be willing to remove the TL now that you're caught up.....a little GW isn't unheard of, if you can catch someone sympathetic.