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In answer to your question, no there is nothing else owed. I have paid all my back child support in full. I have a letter from them

saying it is paid in full with the date of May 2, 2012.

My orginial question, can they say went to collection in April 2012, when I have older credit reports that say ( and is correct)

that it went to collection Dec 2010?

In answer to your other question, yes I have written them asking for delection, but have received no response.

I know it sounds like I was a dead beat dad. I was not in this case. The mother and I was in agreement, I still helped her

with my daughter, and not only our daughter, but her other daughter as well. When I sent money for my daughters support, I

also sent same amount to help with her other daughter. When it comes to holidays, if I keep one , I keep both. I have

tried to stay in my daughters life as much as I can.