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As I see it, the continued inclusion of any collection in your CR is dependent solely upon the DOFD on the account.

The date of reporting of the collection is irrelevant to CR exclusion, which is always based only on the DOFD.  So is any issue of payment or non-payment.


So that begs two questions.  First,what was your actual first date of delinquency after which you did not brings the arrears to date prior to the reporting of the collection?

And second, what date did the debt collector report as the DOFD?  Do those two dates match?


I would begin by writing the CRA and obtaining the DOFD reported by the debt collector.  The CRA is required to disclose "any information in the consumer's file", upon providing proof of your identity and payment of the current processing fee of $11.00, under FCRA 609(a)(1).


You then have an actual reported date upon which to contest accuracy.  If the DOFD was more than 7 years plus 180 days prior, exclusion from your CR is mandated under FCRA 605(c).  In that event, you have nothing to contest... the CRA must exclude.