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Re: How to improve a 710 fico score in 3 months?

Shogun wrote:

fxdiva06 wrote:

I am new to this website/forum.  I need all the advice I can get regarding how to improve my fico score in 3 months?  Is it possible?  What all should I take in account in improving my fico score?  Also my next question when writing a letter to credit bureau is it a negative effect on my credit score or report, when requesting to remove an old account that is past 7 years?

Contacting the CRAs on your own behalf does not affect your credit.  If you have proof the account is past the CRTP then send that in regarding the account.  


Need more information in order to give you information.  Do you have any other negatives on your account?  Do you have any accounts in good standing?  Do you have any revolving accounts and if so what is your util?

+1 We need to know where you stand before we can help you improve. Best of luck!


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