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Re: Lenders that offer Free FICO scores!

DaveSignal wrote:

Ok, so most of us know that a free EX FICO can be obtained from PSECU, a free TU FICO from WalMart, and a free EQ FICO from DCU.  What other banks or credit unions offer this service?


I think I could get into PSECU if I really wanted by joining PA Parks and Recreation, but would take an inquiry hit for membership + an inquiry and new account hit for opening a credit card since you have to have some type of active TL or checking account with them to use the FICO service.  But I am not switching my checking account and I don't need a new credit card.  Wouldn't it be really awesome if an actual bank, like USAA, offered an EX FICO.


So I guess I am asking why don't more lenders offer this service?  Especially big banks that do periodic credit reviews.  They probably get scores at this time.  Why not make them available to the customers?  Does anybody belong to a lender that offers these scores?  What were the requirements?

I did not receive an inquiry for my application/membership into PSECU. I have both the checking and savings accts set up ($5 in each), no inquiry either. I receive the free fico score monthly. So, you could get the free fico score without an inquiry (at least in my case that is how it happened).

I imagine though when I open the Visa CC it will be an inquiry, but I do not plan to do that until maybe December.

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