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Re: Lenders that offer Free FICO scores! PSECU applied!

jd5189 wrote:

Good news. Once the soft goes through that typically means they found you eligible location-wise otherwise they would have not have pulled. Your scores are similar to mine so I don't see why they would deny you credit-wise. Keep us updated!

I don't think this means anything.  I think they pulled the EX report immediately when I clicked the 'submit' button because thats when it started asking questions to verify identity related to my report.  But, yes, maybe the info I put in passed some sort of cursory computer-based check.  I think they are going to manually review everything within the next 3 days though before giving me a membership number or reason for denial.  I do, however, see 2 soft-pulls on the EX report:



... so I'm not sure why the pulled it 2 times.  Maybe one is for the manual review.

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