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FICO 8 - Medical Collection Under $100?

My husband's credit scores range from 677-698. The ONLY baddie on his report is a $55 medical collection. We already have a deletion letter from the collections agency and are working on getting it deleted via a Rapid Rescore. Right now it is showing up on some of the reports as PIF and others not paid at all. Once we get it deleted, we are hoping for an improvement over 700... over 720 would be ideal. I thought this would do it since he has nothing else bad on his credit reports. He only has one credit card balance (about a UTI of 14% but we just paid it to fall under 9%), car loans, mortgage loan, and student loans. He has no late payments. From what I had been reading just this one collection could have severely dropped his score. Now, I am reading something about FICO 8 and how medical collections under $100 don't affect your score?! I am hoping this isn't the case. We can't figure out why else his score would be this low.