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I Have A Delete Letter - What Would You Do?

I have a delete letter from a collection agency. I gave it my mortgage person on Monday who gave it to his person to do the Rapid Rescore. So far it doesn't look like the collection has been deleted from our account. They said it should be done by tomorrow (but I understand it could take longer). In addition, the collection agency told me that they report to the agencies on the 20th (tomorrow) and they will report it as deleted. If they report it tomorrow, how long will it take for it to show up on the actual report/score? Also, would you just contact the credit agencies yourself to try to get them removed? I don't want to open up a dispute because I hear that can delay things even more. I'm not sure what my next step with this letter should be. I also don't want to interfere with what the rapid rescore folks are trying to do.


(Sorry for ALL the questions. We are trying to buy a house now so I am researching this 24-7.)