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Re: FICO 8 - Medical Collection Under $100?

llecs wrote:

It is true that FICO08 versions ignore CAs under $100. However, you can't pull that version from anywhere (except for Wal-Mart's free FICO) and lenders aren't using it either. So if you pulled from myFICO or your lender pulled your scores, they are using an older version which still includes all collections.



ETA....foiled again by slow typing skills.

I think several of the major credit card issuers have moved to the FICO '08 bankcard score have they not?  Been one or two posts confirming that from a denial letter even, and we've seen substantial deviations from myfico scores and tri-pull mortgage scores from various credit card issuers.  Admittedly though, FICO '04 is the most common model if for no other reason than mortgage applications will continue to use it until the GSE's state otherwise.


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