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Re: I Have A Delete Letter - What Would You Do?
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I think you just need to wait.


I'd sign up for the random sites like Credit Karma and see when the deletion hit your reports (if it's even on TU in CK's case), spread out CreditSesame and Quizzle or others on EX as they don't allow daily pulling.


Worst case just go buy the reports directly from the bureaus, it will be cheaper than a rapid rescore and less impactful to your credit report.


In any event give the CA a chance to delete it before poking the bear any further when it comes to disputes or otherwise; a dispute can be a big problem as you're likely well aware, and not the route you want to go down right now if it can be handled easier.  Adding some types of information to a report is nearly instant (inquiries); however, updating or deleting information might take a bit of time... I do not know how the bureaus do it but I suspect they have a batch process of some sort which processes updates into their records.


You've done the hard part already, namely getting that PFD in place; now give it a chance to work by just hanging out for a bit.  Once it's whacked on your reports, go get your rapid rescore ninja-quick-like Smiley Happy.



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