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Re: I Have A Delete Letter - What Would You Do?

Thank you for your responses. I think I am going to do what you suggested and just wait it out for a few days.


RobertEG, I'm not sure I understand what exactly you are saying or maybe you misunderstood me. I DON'T want to dispute them. I was just wondering what people do when they have copies of delete letters. Do they just hold on to them or do they call the agencies themselves to have the updates done? I actually didn't even ASK for the deletion--they offered it to me. And it was after I paid--I didn't even know you could ask for deletions (this was before I knew how badly a collection could affect you credit). Afterwards, the collection agency ended up refunding me because it turns out I had in fact paid the bill it was just never reported to the agency. Anyway, it's a long story. I don't want to dispute it, I just was wondering if I have to call and request the deletion myself, but it sounds like I shouldn't.


Thanks again for your detailed and thoughtful response. I appreciate it!