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Re: Will consolidating credit cards/loans help/hurt my credit?

Just don't close, but don't use the credit cards you consolidated.  That will give you low utilization, because an installment loan isn't counted against utilization.  That "should" help your score.  The best score comes from having less than 10% utilization but at least one, but less than half the cards showing a balance.  You may want to rotate which card you let show a balance each month so lenders don't close any.


759 is a great score already, congratulations!  From what I understand, 740 gets you the best mortgage rates.  Reducing your payments by $500.00 a month helps your Debt to Income (DTI) ratio which mortgage lenders will look at. 


Remember, for a mortgage the score is just an entry point.  You will be looked at in detail, even with a strong score.

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