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How accurate is Score Watch ?? 726 v. 657 **bleep**.

According to Score Watch, my credit score was 726 as of 9/9/12. I applied for a Nordstrom card that day and got denied! The letter they sent says they pulled my Equifax on 9/9/12 which reported a 657 !!!!!! How is that even possible?! That's a 69 point difference. As of 9/12/12 (only 3 days later) Score Watch sent me an alert that my credit was at 791 !! 


Why am I paying for this service if it is THAT inaccurate ?! Or did Nordstrom mess up and pull the wrong report or something ?!!! Not sure what happened here or what I should do to appeal to Nordys. I have the inquiry on my credit report so I'd at least like to get a card from them. I had zero inquiries for 2 years before this Smiley Sad major bummer.