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Re: I Have A Delete Letter - What Would You Do?

RobertEG wrote:

In my opinion, their delay or even failure to delete is not a disputable item.

Their is nothing inaccurate in their current reporting to form the basis for a dispute.


Agreements to delete are personal agreements between the parties, and are not the purview for CRA intervention.

Additionally, to dispute would require, as basis, documentation of their agreement to delete based on payment of the debt.

Such deletions are directly contrary to CRA policy, and thus a request for their enforcement is tantamount to a request that they act directly contrary to their own policy.


It's an oral contract issue between private parties, which are the enforcement perview of the courts.

I would call and ask that they follow thru on their promise. If and when they report, they need provide no reason to the CRA, and thus no issue of deletion contrary to CRA policy arises.

What if the deletion letter acknowledges that the entry was erroneously put on the report in the first place?  Can CRA's delete in that instance?

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