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Re: Just tried PFD attempt, no good. What next?




There is a difference in how an account can be sent to a collection agency. If the origiinal creidtor owns the debt the they can assign the account to the colelction agency.. The original creditor can recall the debt for a variety of reasons. The other way it can go to a collection agency ( Factoring company)  is when the orginal credotor selles the debt to a collection agency (Factoring company). The first can be recalled the recalled.

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Re: Just tried PFD attempt, no good. What next?

bd1980 wrote:

Long story short, I found out that I have an old account that I didn't even know existed from a utility company.  It's only for a $157.00.  Paying it obviously not an issue, I just want it from my credit.  The advice that I read here on the forums (very thankful by the way) is to not pay it then try to fight for the PFD, but to hold out.  I tried speaking with "Ben" about agreeing to a PFD and I would happily pay it but he told me that some companies may do that but they do not.  I told him, well thanks for being so helpful but I guess I would have to speak to my attorney and take it from there. 

So, what is my next step now of dealing with this company?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

The company is


I.C. Systems Inc.

444 Highway 96 E

Saint Paul, MN 551272557

(651) 481-6333



Oh boy.....your going to have fun with them!!!


I'm going to PM you a contact.


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