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Re: Just tried PFD attempt, no good. What next?

Implying legal action is probably not a step that will foster an atmosphere of good will on their part, which is what a PFD offer requests.

As of yet, I see no issue of any violation on their part that would support legal action.

If you have legitimate grounds to dispute the accuracy of either the debt or their reporting, then the dispute or DV processes are the procedures provided under the FCRA and FDCPA.


Also remember that they may be speaking with their own attorneys.  They may have their own options of pursuing a legal judgment on the debt if it is still within SOL.


I advise to either dispute or request debt verification (probably now untimely) under the procedures provided by statute if you have unresolved issues.

Whether to hold out for a PFD acceptance is up to you.  If so, I would leave controversy out of your negotiations.