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Re: Just tried PFD attempt, no good. What next?

Well, thanks for the replies.  Another case of me where I should've kept my mouth shut.  It states in the report that they recieved it May 2012 but didn't report it till June 2012.  They have never contacted me.  They claim that they tried my old address but who's to know.  Looks like I will just pay them and send in a GW letter and more than likely have them reject it.  It really aggrevates me that this is going to mess up my credit so bad for the next 7 years and me being able to get a mortgage for 157 bucks.  Oh well, live and learn I guess. I'm tired of dealing with this.  I'll just continue to make timely payments on the loan I have and use the card I have to try to boost my score, but I feel that there is only so high I will be able to go with this stupid collection on my record that I didn't even start (my ex did).

Thanks anyway.