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Re: Identity Theft Victim - HELP!

PKL2012 wrote:

OMG! I just stumbled across this long letter that you wrote, and I was in a daze reading this story.  Wow - I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am writing to tell you that You are NOT alone!!  Almost the same exact thing happened to me several years ago, and I have been going through the same BS for close to 10 years ... I was getting ready to attend college and the "friends of a friend" that I rented a room from in TX did that very same thing to me!!  I have gone through so much and the cycle continues!  I cannot take it any longer and feel that there is no one out there to REALLY help those ID theft victims re-build their lives with the credit bureaus.  I have been through 3 lawyers, several credit repair services and other "fix-it" services and all a big waste of time and money.  Seems the only thing we can do is to really be careful with the creditors and other services we use, and be sure that they actually report to all three - Acurately!  Please feel free to email me - maybe we can come up with a solution!

Just an FYI.  This thread is 4 years old.  The OP last posted over a year ago, though they may be lurking if not posting.  You might not get a response.

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