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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??
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MontegoMack wrote:

Are people really waiting to be offered the 50% discount? Why not just ask for it? I did and I got it.


No one should be counting on the scores, but rather using the information on the report information that they pull. I sure do hope there aren't people out there relying on their scores provided by USAA CMS to determine credit worthiness or viability.


Yeah I got it too.  I think people don't know how to talk on the phone.   But I just called up and explained that I use the daily pulls every day and monitor when payments post to each of my many credit cards and love the service and would like to keep it going with daily pulls.  No problem.  I said that I have been with USAA for a long time and would appreciate if they gave me some kind of discount.  No problem.  50%.  USAA is so easy to talk to.... definately my favorite bank.

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