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730 Experian, 695 TU, 681 EQ - $170k Income. Can't Get Approved For Anything. Advice?

I've been so frustrated the last week, this system is completely insane and I'm just looking for some advice. 

The Bad: One charged off account from 1999. It took forever to track down who owned the debt, and after years of searching who to pay, I paid it off in full in 2008.

Due to that I avoided credit cards all those years assuming I would not get approved, but in 2010 I applied for a junk Capital One and was approved for $500, now $750.


The Good: I was approved in 2011 for a Blue Skies Amex with $1000 limit and in May 2012 I applied for the Gold Card and was approved, shockingly. I am self employed with two different, independent, businesses. My income is just below $170k/yr.


After getting the Amex Gold in May, I decided I wanted the travel benefits of the Platinum, so I applied and I was insta-approved. I booked a business trip to Korea on my Amex , through Amex, and paid for a bunch of other things, around $6500. Paid it off even before it was due. Next thing you know, they suspend charging on all 3 of my Amex accounts and target me for an FR. 


 NOW, I'm stuck. My trip is coming up, I have no Amex cards to use while all this FR nonsense is pending so I tried to apply for a Chase Sapphire standard because I still do not have a strong Visa/Mastercard in my wallet..Denied. Citi Thank You standard, Denied. Some Barclay Card, Denied. The AAA Member Rewards Card I got an invitation in the mail for was also denied.  Chase Slate, also denied.

 I called the Chase recon line as I've seen mentioned on the forums, and they told me my credit history was too short despite my income and the fact I never missed a Chase car payment. Even more ridiculous is my wife is a new US resident who just moved to the country 5 years ago. She had NO credit history whatsoever and they gave her a Chase Freedom with $6000 limit, Capital One gave her $2500.

  What do I possibly need to do to get approved for something?? My scores are there, my one bad mark on my report is old..but now in trying to get more credit I racked up a bunch of inquiries...And AMEX is nothing short of untrustable..Who's to say I won't be on a trip and they decide to suspend my card again for no reason? It really seems insane I was denied for all those cards. How can I get in the good graces of somewhere...anywhere, and get a Visa/Mastercard?

TU: 723, EX: 686, EQ: 698 Amex Platinum, Amex Premier Rewards Gold, Barclays Arrival ($3500), Citi Diamond Preferred ($8000), Amex Blue Sky ($1k), Capital One Basic Platinum ($750), Chase Freedom ($6k)