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Re: Just tried PFD attempt, no good. What next?

There is apparently a misconception that a creditor can "pull an account for the debt collector," and thus compel deletion of their prior reporting.

A creditor certainly can, at any time, terminate the collection authority given to their debt collector.  That requires the debt collector to close their collection and update the balance authorized to collect to $0.  However, it does not require the debt collector to delete any prior reporting of their collection.  The OC has no control over credit reporting done by another.

Having their collection authority terminated is also most likely not going to put them in a receptive mood of good-will.


Advice to never speak to a debt collector is, in my opinion, not necessarily good advice.

Oral negotiations are often more fruitful, and certainly take less time, than back and forth formal communications.  They also permit personal interaction.

PFD offers are contract negotiations.  Just dont make any admissions as to the debt, and oral negotiations could be useful.