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Re: 730 Experian, 695 TU, 681 EQ - $170k Income. Can't Get Approved For Anything. Advice?

Thanks guys, I'll look into that. That one was charged off in 1999 but not paid until 2008 because the debt was sold so many times I couldn't find who to pay, so maybe that incredible length of time before payment is hurting me?  One other thing that struck me is when I was on the phone with Chase recon he mentioned something else from 1999 (my rough year) that he saw, but was not on my credit report. I mentioned to him that it was paid and it's no longer on my credit report and he agreed, but said they still take that into consideration. That seems to defeat the purpose of things falling off credit reports doesn't it? If they have an infinite history to look at then why have the system at all?

 The Chase recon line was a joke, my experience was nothing like the glowing calls everyone else reports. People report being asked a few more questions like "why do you want the card" "any changes to your income" etc, but the vibe of my calls was a "no" from the moment the conversation started. They didn't ask me anything or look for a way to approve me, they just told me why I didn't get approved.


I am an authorized user on my wife's Freedom and it shows in my report, but for a bunch of logistical and financial reasons it's not ideal to use that for my business charges.

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