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Re: Quizzle vs FICO
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Sammie08 wrote:

"The score you get from Quizzle is not a FICO score. It's what we call a FAKO (or non-FICO) and is therefore worthless. The lender has access to all true FICO scores."


OK, but that doesn't explain the difference between FICO and CE Analytics.  Obviously, I don't expect you to reveal the formula used to calculate FICO, but clearly different things are being taken into account.  Can you shed some light on the differences?  Seems odd that one person's scores can vary so much, given that there's only one data set to go on...

That's hard to figure out with Quizzle because you can't pull whenever you want (e.g. daily) like you can with FICO. In studying FAKOs, the differences between FICO and FAKO include info like:

-inquiries being scored for 2 yrs vs. FICO's one.

-inquiries not being ignored for duplicate apps for car, SL, and mortgage loans.

-some FAKOs score CLs; you can lose points if you have low limit CCs...not so with FICO.

-some FAKOs ignore AU accounts.

-some FAKOs heavily score installment util unlike FICO.

-some FAKOs will ding you for not having an account each for mortgage, auto, personal loans, etc. FICO views them the same.

-some FAKOs forgive high util; not so with FICO.

-some FAKOs count collections into your history.

-Some FAKOs and FICOs count baddies differently.

-FAKOs don't use scoring buckets.

-FAKOs don't have FICO's score range of 300-850.

-and many more...generally speaking. Each FAKO is different.