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Re: Installment loan

The way the installment loan is set up, if I change my mind and don't have the work on the home done then the loan is canceled.  Or, if I don't get the work done by December 15th, then the loan is automatically canceled and I would have to re-apply for another loan after that date. The amount of the loan is $6400.00.  Also, I applied for the refi after I applied for the installment loan.  According to my mortgage lender, we expect to receive a closing date any day now.  I just don't want the installment loan to show up on my CR until I've closed on the refi, so I'm holding off on them coming to do the work until I close on the refi.  I guess I just want to know what the lag time is from the time I have the work done and when the installment account shows up on my CR.  I figure it has to be at least a couple of weeks to a month, but I don't know for sure.