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Re: 730 Experian, 695 TU, 681 EQ - $170k Income. Can't Get Approved For Anything. Advice?

Making a payment on the CO account likely reset the DOFD. It is still weird that it was still on your credit report in 2008 when you paid it back then. In retrospect, I would have disputed it then and they would have had to have taken it off. Since you made the payment and din't negotiate a PFD, you may consider sending goodwill letters.


HOWEVER, I don't think that is sufficient enought to warrant all the denials. Did you call Barclay and recon? They are usually very very good with recons. I would start with that first. Secondly, try your local credit union. I bet that if you went in and talked to them, they would be willing to work with you. Print out your CR, explain your situation before they pull another inquiry. They will usually be able to give you an idea whether they will be able to approve you or not. Thirdly, just check your CRs and make sure there is no other weird reason you are being denied...looking for any big changes in utility, new negatives being reported.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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