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Historical Credit Report

Hello everyone.  First post!


This may seem like a strange question but I may need it for a potential lawsuit (long story).


It is possible to obtain a credit report from a previous year?  For example, if I want to see what my credit looked like in 2008 and, more important, what was on my report back then, how do I get a copy or is it not possible?  I haven't called FICO yet but I will if no one knows the answer.

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Re: Historical Credit Report

Unfortunately if you didn't have a subscription to SW or FICO Quarterly Monitoring back in 2008 and still maintain that subscription today, then it would be impossible to get a copy. The FICO reports on here are forever deleted after 30 days of that pull.

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Re: Historical Credit Report

This is why I have been collecting PDF copies of my reports. It started with one or two a year in '06. Now I save to pdf almost every one I pull/get.

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Re: Historical Credit Report

Being that a credit report is simply a summary of your credit file at the time it was created, and sanitized at that to include only what the creator chooses to include, the best evidence would appear to me to be the actual contents of your file at any given point in time.


Since each entry in your credit file contains a date of its reporting, one can create a history at any point in time using a current report, and a little bit of effort.

The only items that would escape this recreation would be any that were deleted after their original reporting, and thus no longer in your file.


Unless you are trying to recapture evidence pertaining to deleted items, it appears you could produce such a history.


FICO would not appear to be the source of contact.  They are not the keepers of the data.  They license their algorithms to the CRAs, and must get any report of a consumer's credit file from the CRAs, just as anyone else.






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Re: Historical Credit Report

The CRA themselves would certainly be able to recreate your report at any given time (including deleted items) from their database. So if you know what you are looking for, you could always subpoena them.


...and hope that what they return is accurate.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Historical Credit Report

You would not need court order in view of the statutory requirement of FCRA 609(a)(1) that a consumer reporting agency must, upon request from the consumer, disclose all information in their credit file at the time of the request, subject to providing proper identitication and the requisite fee, which is currently $11.00.

Credit scores are specifically exempt from that disclosure requirement.