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Creditors Unable to Pull Equifax CR

Since 9/2/12 Citibank (CLI on HD), local CU, and USAA Credit Monitoring Service has all reported they have not been able to pull Equifax CR.  They state that they either get no response or the word "error," which every CSR has stated they have never seen that before.  There has never been any freeze on my reports.  Prior to 9/2/12, I never had an issue and there is no issue with Experian or TU.  I have called Equifax numerous times and they state that all relevant data (SSN, DOB, address, etc) match exactly and they cannot determine the reason the creditors cannot pull the report.  The calls have been escaled to a "Specialist" and they tell me the same thing.  The creditors state they have a business number to call at EQ but they have not been successful so far in getting it resolved. I have had the same address for 17 years.  I tried to pull the free annual report and it said they could not deliver the report elctronically.  I am trying to get a car loan now through my local CU that only pulls EQ and they state that if this cannot be resolved they cannot pull another CB and the loan would not be approved.


Has anyone had an experience with EQ like this, and if so, how was it resolved?  Thanks.

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