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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

yes thats very true i researched who the company pulls from that i am applying for credit through to pull my report the night before i submit my application to view what i would be working with before my two last payments hit my credit report on cycle 1 of their reports figuring if i get one more last score raise it cant hurt it any. I viewed on the score watch it had already been at 65-- something on the last monitoring of cycle 3 of the reporting to credit bureaus so i was waiting for this last minute thing to set up for my view of next few weeks which i completely hit my marks skipping into 700's somewhere in next few can i be mad at that????Smiley Wink   ALL GOOD STAYING WITH MY MOTIVATION CAN ONLY HELP MY DAILY GRIND !!!!!WOOP WOOPSmiley Embarassed