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Re: 730 Experian, 695 TU, 681 EQ - $170k Income. Can't Get Approved For Anything. Advice?

Thanks guys, I've been reading up on how to get that paid off CO off my report so hopefully that will help, it just kills me how slow everything moves in the credit report world. Here's an update:


As far as my Amex FR, I got an email on Tuesday saying they've imposed hard limits on my Gold and Plat of $5000 each, however as of Thursday all my Amex cards are still listed as "Charging Suspended". I've called and left my account manager 2 voicemails so far, but they've gone unanswered. I'm really banking on them finishing this up before my trip next week.


I got my denial letter from Citi Thank You today, and the reason for denial was not my not enough revolving accounts, bad past, or short length of open accounts...the reason given was simply "too many inquiries". Yes, I do have too many, there's 18 on my Transunion - 4 of which will fall off within a month, 2 more in December. 


All but 3 of the inquries can be accounted for, the mystery 3 are from FIA CSNA, which I've read is from a division of BoA. Even though I never applied for a BoA card or ever had an account with them, there was 3 randomly spaced inquiries from them over the last 2 years. Then when I applied for a BoA card last weekend, BoA seemed to hard pull twice, once as BoA and once as FIA CSNA, bringing me to a total of 4 pulls from FIA CSNA showing. How I'm supposed to try to get a card without a hard pull is a mystery to me. Ultimate catch-22.


  Chase recon also mentioned something I thought was strange and the time of the credit report pull it showed a balance of 2551 on my Gold Amex. The guy on the phone said I was a risk because I was "at my limit" on the Amex. This is patently unfair because 1) at that time I had no limit on the Amex 2) it was out of date and had been paid off a month prior! How could they use that against me?


 I have $50k in a savings account at my one of my banks so I talked to the lady about getting a credit card through them. She said it should not be a problem and had me fill out the paper form to be eventually reviewed by the manager. I don't know what sort of process it will be, but I shortly got an email back saying it would take 10 days for a response. She also called me and said just wait the 10 days and see what happens, and if for some reason it's denied she'll "work something out" with the bank manager. I don't know why we just couldn't skip to that part. Ugh. 


 I didn't get the Barclay denial letter yet, but I guess I'll try it once I get the reference #. I really don't have high hopes, most of the forums I've seen people say the opposite and that Barclays recon is next to impossible. I really don't want them doing another hard pull either, it's getting out of control. At this point even if I get that CO removed I'm still absolutely buried under inquiries which apparently weigh more heavily on your creditworthiness than I thought. 


I do have big changes in my utility since May, I've taken my business to the next level so I'm spending more for that and buying way more personal stuff than before, which is probably why Amex FR'd me. I guess that's the price you pay for having a good year, you just become suspect. 


 Regardless, my TU score just went UP, all my scores are great, everything else looks great. I've literally gotten every reason possible among my denial letters, there's no rhyme or reason. 


 It's pretty sad when my best option looks to be getting a large secured card, but I admit it will definitely help my situation.  

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