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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

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Can you purchase or get  a package from that includes all three credit reports.

Unfortunately Experian doesn't play nice. At one point a product was offered that included 3 reports of your choosing, so 3 of one, 2 of one and one of another, or one of each. Experian blocked consumer access to your own FICO score and you cannot buy it from anywhere. Because of that action, the only product within myFICO that offers the other two reports together (EQ and TU) is the Suze Orman's FICO® Kit. You can get two of one and one of the other and you get to decide which report to pull and when. 


While the Suze kit is great for report pulls at a discount, it doesn't offer any monitoring of your credit. It's a one-time pull only per report. There is no product that offers EQ and TU FICO score monitoring together. There's no product in the world that monitors all 3 FICO scores together.