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CRA information
How can I get the"customer disputes this account" from the comment section on the details of a charge account?
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Re: CRA information

If you need it removed for mortgage reasons, or whatever reason.  You can contact the creditor and have it removed, or contact the CRA.

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Re: CRA information

Disputes made through a CRA are resolved by the CRA, not the furnisher of the information.

The OC responds back to the CRA, but is not the party responsible for sending the Notice of Results of Reinvestigation, which is the document that closes a dispute.


I would send a dispute to the CRA for inaccuracy of information in your file/credit report.  It is their obligation to timely update their own resolution of a dispute.

It's a clerical thing that they obviously dont put much stock in completing, but it has drastic effect on the consumer.

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Re: CRA information

Also, check out this thread with some useful tips.


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