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Re: Need help building credit, the right way! Please help!

jamie123 wrote:

Wait!....You forgot to mention that YOU USED TO HAVE CREDIT AND FORGOT TO PAY YOUR BILLS!


Your scores are pretty bad and you will have a VERY hard time being approved for new credit!


You need to pull your reports from and tell me what kind of baddies are on your report.


You need to post in the REBUILDING CREDIT forum and learn how to write PFD (Pay For Delete) and GW (Good Will) letters to have all the baddies removed from your report.


Just adding new credit at this point won't do much for your scores. You need to have the bad information removed first. It really isn't difficult to do and becomes pretty easy after the first one.

He didn't mention anything along those lines. He said he never had a credit card. Lol 

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