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Re: New USAA CMS....

Called today and got the discounted rate of $11.12 for unlimited pulls for 6 months.  I will keep it while I try out this other service, MPM.  If it works out then I will keep MPM and ditch USAA.  I don't like this playing around they are doing with this change to one pull monhtly and if they do this now, what will they do 6 months from now.  I was satisfied with their service prior to this, but something just rubs me wrong about this whole ordeal.


I mean think about how many people that don't know that if they call in they can get a deeply discounted price for all 3 CR's.  If they still want to pull unlimited, well then they sign up on the site for $24 bucks for the same service that many are paying $11 bucks for.  In all I guess it's just business so some will win and some will lose.

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