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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

4us- wrote:

Interesting thing just happened....


I forgot to call back like I was supposed to on Tuesday.  The guy I spoke with on Tuesday said the rate would be $16 something or other a month for the unlimited pulls.  Well this guy I talked to today (who was super nice), added the $9.99 to my $12.25 plan, and gave me 50% off the total, bringing my monthly total to $11.12 per month.  He said it was only for 6 months, but he'd note my account and for me to call back at the beginning of April and tell them I want to continue the discount.  


Maybe you all can call back and get the same thing, only a dollar cheaper!  Hope this helps someone!!

So unlimited EX only pulls or all 3 ? I suppose either way its not bad in compairson to what they're doing to us who arent asking