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No offense to your sister, OP, but I fear this just may b...

No offense to your sister, OP, but I fear this just may be the tip of the iceberg.  Can I ask how long they've been married?


As someone formerly married to a man who had a horrible horrible view toward all things financial - he destroyed us financially for years and it took me a while to figure out what was really happening.  These issues have deeper impact and reach, it goes into a moral and ethical issue.  Its one thing if he is just unwise about credit and destroys his own credit and by extension, his wife's credit.  But to use the baby's name?  And then to play dumb about it?  I'd say your sister needs to be very very cautious moving forward!  It may not stop there.


It took me years to educate myself and dig out from under the damage my ex did to us, a lot of it criminal.  I think they get into this thrill of acquiring things in someone else's name, things they can't get with their own name, and it becomes almost addictive.  Instead of paying their own bills so they can have good credit and get stuff, they continue to burn out everyone else around them.  Your sister could end up as party to a ton of lawsuits because she's married to him.  And it puts her in a sensitive place as his wife but she's got to get him educated about finances so this doesn't continue to happen.  His "friends" should not have access to anyone's personal information, if true, and that's a huge warning sign right there.  


They both need to get educated and she needs to do a complete financial review of what's going on in their household.  Again, no offense intended, I'm just speaking as someone who has been through hell and back in a similar situation.  Love can blind you to the craziness around you!