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Re: No offense to your sister, OP, but I fear this just may b...

To answer some of the questions:


1. They've been married 5 years, which is how long he's been in the country. He's a permanent resident now.


2. She was the one who ruined their credit in the first place. They make half the money/yr that I do but live much larger. As I said, payday loans, bounced checks, banned from a couple stores, etc. all add up to a terrible financial sense.


3. To my knowledge, they used the 4 year old's (I meant 4 originally) actual SSN.


4. These 'friends' are really bad news. I really don't know which one of them did this, but there's a lot of criminal convictions among the group of them.


This situation might be better if ONE of them were level headed financially. As of today they've agreed to make payments to the collection agency. In my opinion, even if he (the husband) is still criminally liable, it at least shows an effort to rectify the situation.


Oh, and it appears that annualcreditreport recognizes my niece with an incorrect birthyear of 1990. She is indeed 'in the system' with the wrong birthdate. I have no idea how this will play out in 14 years.

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