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Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!
Anyone that files complaints and actually sent this company money needs to go back to grade school! As soon as I read this it states that it isn't a Visa or MasterCard. It does say a credit limit of $10,000 but it also states "Visa and MasterCard are unaffiliated with this offer or UWCS. Credit amount referenced herein shall not be construed to function as any type of multi-purpose credit card and is exclusively applicable for credit purchases from UWCS." SO, if anyone sent money to these people and are complaining, learn to read before you assume. It is obviously a huge scam but had you read what you were sent, you wouldn't be out your $37, now would you?? What a scam and a joke. It just shows that people are not smart enough to read. They sent it in the letter, the people who sent them the $37 is what is keeping this joke of a company in business. Don't cry to the public, when it states right on your letter what it is and couldn't say it more bluntly. The people paying this company are the ones to thank for the next person writing them a check and the cycle continues. It's because of uneducated people, if people would stop blaming others for their own mistakes then a company like this wouldn't exist because no one would send them any money. So, own up, you didn't read the fine print and it's your fault. Learn to read and then this company wouldn't succeed!
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Re: Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!

I recently received a letter from the union workers credit service about their scam credit line. However I'm wonder how it is reported equifax and trans union. Is it reported as a revolving credit line???? The reason I ask is because regardless of the companies credibility, having an open line for $10,000 of revolving credit would really help my credit score. That's something I would definitely consider handing them $37 for even though I would never purchase a single product from them........ I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some feed back on this as I am about to purchase a home and a higher credit score would save me thousands in interest. THANK YOU.

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Re: Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!
I also recently received this letter, but upon reading it it was very clear to me that this is not a real visa or mastercard type card but just one to be used to purchase products through their company. From what I read all of this us layed out clearly in the letter. I would not be willing to use them or anyone that states full membership details will be provided to you after you join. This is not a scam just people not reading. There are lots of companies out there like this. They target people with bad credit. Do you really think that if you have bad credit someone is going to give you a real $10,000 visa ir mastercard. Come on.
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Re: Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!

A little research can go a long way if someone just takes the time.

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Re: Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!
I stuffed all my other junkmail into the prepaid envelope that was included and sent it back to them. Very satisfying.
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Re: Union Workers Credit Services - Seriously?!
I saw a YouTube video where a guy sent a brick back in a box with the prepaid envelope. Funny! Another one filled the envelope with ashes from a dirty ash tray.
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