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Re: New and need some help

Hi, thanks you again, I am not sure if its good to reply msg by msg or all at once ! anyway


Yes, Amex gold is the only card in my report, I never had cards before, never had car loan or any kind of loans or mortgage.

I know I need more cc, but trying to get the best for my needs, low interst, no anual fees, something like that

I like the idea of applying to Amex Blue, but how should I do it,

should I wait few month until the EQ record drops ? or do it now ?

also should I apply for all the cards I need one time, or one by one

I can bring my util to 0% within few days, because I pay the charges eveymonth anyway, should I do that, and wait until Amex soft pull and apply ?

I took longtime to be here, as more than 6 years ago, I always got rejected for cc, and did not know why, after long long crazy fight I found that the cc berue was reporting my brother bad records to my report ! including an bankrubcy, by the time I fixed that, my account already had alot of cc inqu. and I gave up getting any cc

now after longtime on 665 score, the last and the only bad medical record is dropped and my score gone high, so hope I can do it right this time,

I don't shop at walmart a lot, maybe 1 or 2 times a month, most of my money goes to designer closthing and resturants

if Amex refuse me for blue, I think the applied 3 years ago to get blue and they did not approve it, now can I talk to them ? or waste of time ?


Thank you