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International Student - What can I do to improve my credit?

Hello everyone,


I'm an international student and only recently got a social security number. I've had a Wells Fargo credit card with a $300 credit limit since April of this year. I don't have much of a credit history established since I'm an international student. I looked up my credit report on the 3 agencies and Experian reported that Wells Fargo is the only one reporting me. I've had good payment history (not a single bill was overdue). Equifax can't find me for some reason and they requested I send them my SSN copies to update their files. TransUnion won't show my report online, but they said they would said it via snail mail.


The problem is the low limit on the Wells Fargo card. Getting lunch alone is putting my balance at $150 easily. I'm paying it off in full but I heard since I'm using 50% of my available credit, this is bad. I was just wondering what I can do to build my credit fast. I would request Wells Fargo to increase my limit but on their website, they say I should wait for a year. In fact, they initially denied my application. I went into the bank and asked them to reconsider and they gave me this card with a low limit. It's a regular card (unsecured).


I also have a checking account with Bank of America (a very modest balance). Should I apply for a card with them? I applied for a credit card in March (when I got my SSN) and was rejected by them and this appears on my Experian credit report.


Any tips? Any cards that are easy to get?