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Re: Question about cash back bonus
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You can probably switch your DD to US Bank, but you will need to keep your Chase account open for at least 6 months.  And, your Chase account may have monthly fees that are waived with direct deposit of a certain amount.  You need to read your account terms to determine what is needed to offset the monthly maint fees.


If your direct deposit is coming from employment, you may be able to set up a second direct deposit so that you can simultaneously have direct deposit going into both Chase and US Bank.  This is possible with many employers these days, you just have to inquire about it.  Where I work, we can have up to 5 separate bank accounts for direct deposit.  One account is for "net pay" and the other four bank accounts have to be flat dollar amounts per paycheck.


Congrats on those $200 bonuses!!  I'm jealous!

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