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Re: International Student - What can I do to improve my credit?
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I'm an international student as well and I wasn't aware that Wells Fargo gave out un-secured credit cards out to non-permanent residents/citizens... So I'm going to assume that you are on a secured card.


Keep the card for 3-6 months then apply for a Capital Journey Student card. No AF, 1% cash back, and no forex fees. It'll be the best you can get for now. Then after 6 months you can apply for some other store cards or AMEX Zync (they discountinued) or Chase Amazon, etc.. Then after a year you can enter the Chase Freedom/low prime land.


After that you should be knowledgeable enough to go on your own.


1) They are super conservative. Don't bother. They do their periodic reviews twice a year.

2) They are less conservative compared to WF. 

3) Capital One. They have a bad rep but hey, they give out credit to those who can't get any. Beggers like us can't be choosers. :smileysad:


Also your SSN won't be in the full database for a few weeks but definitely get in contact with credit bureaus and get it CLEARED UP. That was the biggest PITA for me. There's a good thread somewhere here that helps you settle it with Equifax.