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Re: International Student - What can I do to improve my credit?

Since you have a bank account with BofA, your best bet would be to apply for a secured card with them. In general, the banks that you already have a banking relationship with will be the most generous to you. I would suggest talking to your personal banker and see what he/she suggests. If you could get the BankAmericard Rewards secured card from them, it'd be top notch. BofA is very flexible about the credit line for their secured card; you can deposit up to $10,000 towards your credit line. That being said, if you're not concerned about the low credit limit of the Wells Fargo card, I would just wait for your credit history to mature before applying for an unsecured card. The credit utilization ratio depends on the balance at the statement cut-off date, not on the daily balance. As long as you pay off your balance before the statement is due, your credit utlization will be great.