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Length of time TransUnion gets to investigate

  I recently disputed several TLs on my report.  They got one set and then the other 3 days later.  Today, I get a letter that reads: 


    We are in receipt of the additional information regarding your current dispute(s). Due to this additonal information, the time frame for completing the investigation has been extended. Your initial correspondence was received on 10/14/12 and your additional information was received on 10/11/12, which allows TransUnion fifteen additional days.  


  Obviously, there's no way I sent additional information before my initial correspondence. Stupidly, they think that these sets of disputes are the same when they aren't.   I called their number and got no help, except someone reiterating what was written in the letter.  

  I'm planning to write a letter threatening litigation in order to keep them to 30 days.  Has this happened to anyone else?