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Re: Length of time TransUnion gets to investigate

In my opinion, their additional 15 days, whether legitimately resulting from having provided further information related to the dispute, is not worth hassling over.

They are required to provide a final Notice of Results of Reinvestigation within 5 days after concluding their reinvestigation.  So they have a deadline of 45 + 5 days from date of dispute to get their Notice of Results in the mail.


If you do wish to pursue the issue, you can certainly file a complaint, either/or with the CRA or the FTC, for improper use of FCRA 611(a)(1)(B) based on no submission of addtional information "relevant to the dispute."  Resolution of that complaint has no specific statutory time limit, and will most certainly take more than the additional 15 days they are asserting to complete their reinvestigation.  Maybe a slap on the wrist, but coming after the fact of already receving your Notice of Results.