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TRANSUNION, Unable to confirm your identity

hi all,


i just encountered a weird problem with TransUnion, please help me out.


I try to request a copy of TU credit report from, and failed with message of "We are unable to confirm your identity with the information provided.", i tried many times in the past month and always failed with same reason.


A few days later I tried to register an account at TransUnion website, and it failed with same reason in the last step. It also failed with same message when i try to login.


Then I tried to call them and finally called to fraud alert that real person answers me. It looks like that person just help me place a fraud alert, nothing else, did not fixed the problem. And now everytime i tried to login the transuion to remove the fraud alert online, it failed with message of "We are experiencing technical difficulties."


Any idea on how to solve this issue? Also it looks like i have no problem with EX and EQ. Thanks.