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Re: How accurate is Score Watch ?? 726 v. 657 **bleep**.

I ended up getting the card.....and yes I received alerts BOTH times they pulled my credit on EQ ! I still have no idea how the heck they got a 657. I haven't had a score that low in almost a year. When I got denied, I wrote a recon letter and enclosed a copy of the EQ report I pulled just a week later directly from Equifax that showed a score of 714. They pulled my credit again to verify I guess and my EQ score came up as 719 so I got the card. $5k flexible limit but kinda bummed they pulled my score a second time even though I never requested/authorized it. I would think that it would be a soft pull at least but nope......2 hards now UGH. I think Nords inquiries drop after 6 months though so that's better than 2 years at least....but still. I had 0 EQ inq for 3 years !